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Dance careers are becoming more demanding on the dancer physically, with more challenging choreography being produced to excite its audiences. The dancer is an artistic athlete and must train their bodies intensely for success in their practice.

Over the past decade Dance Science has become more appreciated and recognised as an important area within the dance and health industry. Studies have shown that the fitter and less fatigued the dancer is, the less likely they are to suffer from injury therefore resulting in a longer career as a performer.

In order to reduce the risk of injuries and to reach peak performance standard a dancer must assess their fitness regime, nutritional intake, rest periods, the type of physical activity they endeavor and their general everyday habits and way of living. This is all as well as regular technique classes, rehearsals and performances. The new SiDI Healthy Dance Practice Certificate is a fantastic new opportunity for dancers and dance teachers to address these important areas and learn more about safe dance practice, whilst still keeping artistic quality. It was created by Safe in Dance International and The International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and I am proud to be the current UK course provider. For more information on this course either click on the Healthy Dance Practice Certification page or email

Charlotte Tomlinson MSc

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