Kerry Sessions – INSANITY participant:

“Charlotte’s INSANITY classes have not only made me drop a dress size, but toned me, made me fitter, and Charlotte has kept me motivated and focused in every INSANITY class. Her energy and enthusiasm has kept me going week after week. Charlotte is not only a brilliant INSANITY teacher, she also gives good advice on nutritional food. Thanks Charlotte for keeping me going in every INSANITY class”

Kate Jarvis – INSANITY participant:

“Insanity has to be my favourite class of the week. The amount of muscle tone I’m achieving is amazing. Charlotte is a fantastic, motivational instructor. She has helped me get the best from my exercise”.

Doug Jenkinson – Fitness Yoga participant:

“Your encouraging and gentle manner, seemingly endless energy and positivity bundled with clearly a high level of technical expertise has given me the faith and confidence to try something new and then come back again and again. The impact on both my physical and my emotional well being is not only noticeable by me but has been commented on by those closest to me”.

Sharon Norman – Fitness Yoga participant:

“I do your yoga classes, they inspire me and make me feel energised and relaxed. I learnt so many new things I hadn’t learnt before and didn’t know my body could do. I am an older student and feel the need for my yoga. I love it and maybe my trust in you is part of it, I am blessed to have bumped into you and asked what you do !! Also learnt to control my breathing when I feel stress. I love the challenge you give on each practice and plus the end result is a great feeling. I wish you all the very best in all you do. I am benefiting immensely, namaste”.

Sheila Merkin – Zumba participant:

“I took Charlottes zumba classes for around 9 months – as a 50+ lady I found my stamina increased along with my flex ability and I certainly had fun doing it – thanks Charlotte”

Leanne Dooler – Zumba, Insanity, Kettlercise and Fitness Yoga participant:

“I have done your classes for the past 5 years and my fitness, confidence, diet and body have all changed and I feel fab for it! Your an amazing teacher who cares for every individual that does your classes, and your attitude makes me give my all in every class I do. Your just awesome mate and so are all your classes”

Kelly Britcliffe – Zumba participant:

“If I’d not started off in your Zumba class Charlotte I’d of never got the confidence to join a gym. You did help with confidence issues and I thank you a lot.”

Kate Sharman – Insanity and Kettlercise participant:

I’ve done your insanity and kettle bells, your an inspiring teacher, really motivational and keep us all going right to the end!”

Kathryn Grady – INSANITY participant:

“I’ve only known you for 3-4 months but every class you take you make everyone feel welcome, whether new or old, and you push us all to do the best we can. You can motivate people to where they never thought they would get. You are a brilliant instructor and I am looking forward to getting some good results”

Michelle Miller – INSANITY participant:

Only been doing insanity with you for 3/4 months now and amazed at how my fitness levels quickly increased. To the point I participated in a winter wolf run and signing up again for another in April. Your motivational and push us above and beyond when we need it. Excellent demonstrations of how to carry out moves correctly and continue to carry them through when we want to give up by being by our side. Really enjoyable classes.. Simply love insanity… Hooked from the first class. A lot of that is down to you and your style of teaching… Great job Charlotte!!!”

Heather Ward – INSANITY participant:

Insanity is the class that works best for me, I truely feel every time I participate that I have worked my body to the max! I am definitely getting physically stronger because of it. Your positive encouragement of the class really does motivate us all to work harder and keep going. The success of this class as with any, is the combination of a well constructed workout, delivered enthusiastically and demonstrated clearly. Nobody is ever made to feel they are not doing anything good enough! We all work as hard as possible to our own capabilities. It is brilliant class, delivered by a fantastic instructor!”

Aarti Lodhia – Fitness Yoga and Contemporary dance participant:

“I did your yoga classes a few years ago. They were inspiring and made feel energised and relaxed and ll at the same time. I learnt so many new things I hadn’t learnt before and didn’t know my body could do. Also learnt a contemporary dance routine from you, when I hadn’t done any contemporary dance before. I loved the challenge and the end result was beautiful”

Emma Coleman – Fitness Yoga participant:

I took part in your yoga classes last year, they were fab and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did enjoy it! You always made everyone feel welcome and encouraged us to do as much as we felt we could. I never felt any pressure to ‘keep up’ with the rest of the group, even though there were some really experienced yoga-ists! Fab class, fab instructor”

Sharon – Zumba participant:

Charlotte’s classes have been so uplifting over the years due to the high enthusiasm happy and motivational spirit throughout the classes, and you always come away feeling energised. Whoompha”

Megan Carter – Zumba participant:

“I’ve always really enjoyed Charlotte’s classes over the years, I always feel so motivated after her classes and after attending her classes it’s given me the confidence to exercise and keep fit on my own at home”

Janet – Showtime Dance participant:

“I have been attending Charlotte’s Showtime dancing classes for 10 months and have found them very uplifting not only physically but mentally as well. I am 67 years old and have had a tough few years but after attending one of Charlotte’s classes I feel much happier and more able to cope. I feel so much fitter now”.

Pam – Showtime Dance participant:

At the age of 79, I am the oldest member of Charlotte’s class and I just love it. Like most people of my age, I have various health problems, but the class is beneficial both physically and psychologically. I was diagnosed several years ago as being pre-diabetic , a condition which for the majority of people leads to type 2 diabetes. However, my blood sugar levels and body weight (from 10 stone to 9 stone) have decreased, and also my blood pressure. Finding the right kind of exercise can be a problem, as I am not interested in taking part in sport, and I find the gym and normal aerobic classes boring. But, I have always loved dancing and Charlotte’s classes provide a good workout in a fun and sociable environment. Also dancing is reported to be the best way of steering off dementia, and certainly remembering the dance sequences gives the brain a good workout! I find even if I wake up feeling ‘down’ on a gloomy day, the Showtime class gives me a great psychological lift. I hope I’m still doing it in my eighties!

Philippa – Showtime Dance participant:

“I’ve got major health problems that prevent me from working. That leads to social isolation because my friends aren’t available during the day and I’m not fit enough to while away the hours in a gym like other people my age. Yet through community dance I can do something amazing. I can take part because as the dance is broken down for us to learn the next steps, I can rest and recover, ready to join in again as we start to move for real. Dance doesn’t just give me a morning out of the house, it’s led me into a supportive peer group where I can be accepted for who I am, where I can achieve, keep my mind active, do the physio that the hospital wanted me, laugh, get to know others living in the area, and be sociable. Dance is the bridge that forges it’s way through society, breaking all barriers, bringing hearts, minds and bodies together as one. Creating a harmonious, happy community”.

Kate Abbott – Showtime Dance and Zumba Gold participant:

“I’m 61 years old and retired a few years ago. Since then I have joined Charlotte’s Showtime Dance class and Zumba Gold class. Both are highly enjoyable, great fun and brilliant exercise. My confidence, coordination and balance have all improved in this time. Charlotte is an enthusiastic, motivational and inspiring teacher who loves her subject and communicates this to her classes. I aim to ‘keep dancing’ for the forseeable future thanks to her”


4 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Zumba Gold – Sue participant
    Charlotte is simply the best. Her enthusiasm and warming smile creates a uplifting atmosphere which makes me feel physically and mentally fitter and happier.. I look forward to going every Wednesday.

  2. Christine – Zumba Gold participant:

    Charlotte’s Zumba Gold classes are amazing. She creates a supportive and friendly atmosphere with her cheerfulness and enthusiasm for dance. There is no pressure to perform and “do it right”, just plenty of encouragement to move within your own ability and enjoy the class, which I certainly do. My stamina and flexibility have definitely improved since I started Zumba Gold and I come away from each session feeling energized. Thanks, Charlotte

  3. I really enjoy the Zumba Gold class with Charlotte! She has choreographed fun dance routines that give you a great workout! Charlotte has so much enthusiasm and joy in her teaching methods. She encourages and motivates with her lovely comments, I always feel uplifted and happy after a class with Charlotte! Thank you Charlotte

  4. I remember the day well, it was the 11th September 2014 and I was about to do my first Insanity class. I was petrified. However if I would have known that Charlotte would be teaching the class, I would have joined years ago. Charlotte made me feel instantly comfortable and confident, the fear I had about doing the exercise class soon disappeared. Charlotte’s enthusiasm is contagious and you can’t help but leave her classes with a smile on your face. She is always available for a chat after the class if you need advice on anything, Nutrition, injury’s, sportswear. The list is endless. Since Joining Charlotte’s classes, I have lost 21KG and dropped 2 dress sizes. With every class I attend, she pushes me more and more to achieve my goal; I could not do it without her. So if you are reading this and you want to make that change. To lose weight. To get fit. Or even drop a few dress sizes. Join one charlottes classes’ now. It’s the best decision I ever made. Thank you Charlotte.

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