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Quin, Rafferty & Tomlinson (2015) Safe Dance Practice: An applied dance science perspective: Human Kinetics

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Safe Dance Practice publication

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Other useful reading:

Amans, D. (2008). An Introduction to Community Dance Practice Palgrave Macmillan:UK

Brinson, P & Dick F. (2006).Fit to dance? London: Dance UK

Franklin, E.(2003).Pelvic Power,Mind/Body Exercises for Strength,Flexibility, Posture, and Balance, for Men and Women.NJ: Princeton Book Co

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Solomon, R, Solomon J, and Cerny Minton S. (2005)Preventing Dance Injuries.UK:HumanKinetics.


Journal of Dance Medicine and Science


Men’s Health

Womens Fitness

Animated (People Dancing: The Foundation for Community Dance magazine)



Nutrition for the Dancer

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The ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ story – the dancer criticised for eating ‘one too many sugar plums’!

45 minutes in – a discussion about a dancers weight, perfectionism and dancer’s health. Emma Redding on The Peter Levy Show.